How’s your coffee?

I have 2 coffee makers on my kitchen counter. I’ve had the Keurig for several years. It works great and does exactly what it’s supposed to do. It’s fast and takes very little effort to make coffee. I received a fancy Ninja coffee maker as a gift this past Christmas. Initially, I took the Keurig down and gave it to my daughter to take back to college. I started using the Ninja immediately after unpacking it. It took a few coffee morning sessions to get use to the new way of making my coffee. It has so many coffee options. You can make iced coffee, cappuccinos, classic coffee, rich coffee, & it even does espressos. Plus, it can froth which I haven’t quite figured out yet. I know how to do it, but not sure why I should do this. I must not be using the right milk or creamer🤷🏼‍♀️.

Anyways, a few weeks after getting use to the Ninja coffee maker my daughter transferred to University of Memphis. She moved home and brought the Keurig back too. So, I now have 2 coffee makers in my home. I plugged the Keurig back up and placed it next to the Ninja. It didn’t take long for me to start using the Keurig again and completely stop using the Ninja. Why would I go back to the Keurig?? I’ll tell you exactly why…The Ninja takes more time and effort to use. I have to measure coffee, think harder, & push more buttons to get it to produce coffee. The Keurig is the easier option that requires no thinking at all. I can practically turn it on in my sleep. And it is right in front of me, ready for me to push 1 simple button, so it can make a cup of coffee. So what if it doesn’t make great coffee, it’s easy and produces a mediocre cup of coffee. I know the Ninja coffee is better, but I’ve settled for the Keurig coffee.

So, Why am I writing about these 2 coffee makers? I don’t work for either company nor will I get any promotions for plugging these coffee maker names into my blog. I am writing about this because having 2 options is not better than one. I thought plugging the old coffee maker back up was a good thing. But, in all honesty it was a bad thing. It gave me an easier option to make my morning coffee that produced a bad cup of joe. The Ninja makes WAY better coffee than the Keurig. Sure it takes a little longer to prep and clean up, but it tastes 1000% better and can make more than 1 cup if I want it to!! So why would I settle for 1 cup of mediocre coffee? Because I am human and it’s the available easier option. The Keurig takes less work and less time to make coffee than the fancy Ninja. It’s human nature to want the easy option. Especially, when we have 2 options staring right in front of us. As I starred at my coffee maker options this morning I realized having 2 options was not a good thing if I wanted to drink the best homemade cup of coffee possible. If I only have the Ninja on my counter I would be forced to use it or go without coffee, but who does that 😝😂?! Therefore, I need to toss the Keurig, start using my Ninja again, and get back to drinking amazing homemade coffee.

How can this silly tale of 2 coffee makers apply to us in a more serious way? Most people like to have options and want to keep things instead of letting go or tossing to the curb. We hang onto relationships that are not good for us because we think we need them. Or maybe we don’t want to let them go because it feels too hard. We think it is easier to keep them in our life instead as we try to make new changes . Or maybe like me, you didn’t realize having 2 options was a bad thing because it gave you an easier option to choose from that produced a mediocre outcome. We won’t fully embrace the new possibly harder option as long as we have an easier option. We will always go back to what’s easy if it’s available. Let go of it. Get rid of it. It may be hard, but it’s even harder to settle for a mediocre life. You were created for an abundant life in Jesus Christ. It’s not the easy way. But neither is living an ok life you settled for just because the other way was harder. You will have to work hard and put more effort into this life, but it’s worth it. Doing hard things makes you stronger and prepares you for even harder things to come. Life is hard! We need to be people who choose to embrace hard things instead of wanting the easy way. Let go of whatever is enabling you to choose the easy way. I’ll go first by getting rid of my Keurig today. Otherwise, I will keep settling for mediocre coffee and never fully embrace all that my fancy Ninja coffee maker can do.

So, who wants a Kureig??